still from Dear Mom film
"That's a wrap for Scotty, "my son".
still from Dear Mom film
"That's a wrap on Dear Mom!"
the face you make when ...
a "bride" having a moment
still from The Royal Wedding comm.
Women's March 2018
Imogene Butternut - Minnesotan elf
I also played Pinocchio
photo shoot for Fairy Tale Christmas
behind the scenes of photo shoot
Imogene's pin curl aftermath
Belle - A Christmas Carol (DCPA)
Belle - A Christmas Carol (DCPA)
Martha Cratchit - Christmas (DCPA)
Fezziwig Daughter - Christmas (DCPA)
Monica Lewinsky - "Hillary"
headshot realness
The Girl from The Ring - "Ghost Boo"
on set for "Ghost Boo" music video
gussied up for my first ballet
movie poster for Dead Vengeance
still from Dead Vengeance
"My knight in shining armor!"
deep in thought
it started early
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still from Dear Mom film

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